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Letters from our Blanket Recipients


Subject: Your kindness

Message: Thank you for the warm blanket I use it a lot. Also thank you for the other goodies too. Your support and kindness is greatly appreciated. Thank you again for everything.

Sent on: 27 February 2015


Subject: Thank-you

Message: I received one of your blankets yesterday while receiving chemo. It was such a nice gift and with these cold temps and my sensitivity to the cold from the chemo drugs it will go to great use and is so appreciated. You are doing a wonderful job honoring Christy's memory and your gift means a lot. Thank-you!

Sent on: 24 February 2015



Subject: Blanket

Message: My brother was thrilled with the blanket.  The idea that someone thought about him, he was so touched.  It was so soft and warm and also that it was an EAGLE !! He had everything Eagles and just thought that it had to be from someone that knew him personally to know how much he loved his Eagles stuff.  He just had the biggest smile and a great big OH MY GOSH came out when he opened it up and saw what it was.  Thanks so much!



Subject: Thank you

Message: Several weeks ago, I received a blanket from Jennifer Cox, Nurse Navigator at Chester County Hospital. I can’t begin to thank you enough. The blanket keeps me warm during chemo and I get positive thoughts from it too. You are such a kind and generous people. Thank you again.

Sent on: 17 March 2015


Subject Thank YOU!

Message: Thank you for thinking of me during my Cancer Journey. Like Christy - I am a young Cancer patient. This is such a wonderful program and it really brightened up my day to get the unexpected package in the mail. Keep doing wonderful things. You are really making a difference in the community. Many thanks for my warm and cozy blanket!

Sent on: 20 July, 2015





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